Family Comes Home To Find Blo0d All Over Walls And Thinks Dog Is Hurt – They Were Wrong…

Family Comes Home To Find Blo0d All Over Walls And Thinks Dog Is Hurt – They Were Wrong…

The Murrin family recently returned to their Virginia home to find a nightmarish scene. Blo0d was splattered all over their walls and carpet, and since their German Shepherd Oden was the only family member at home at the time, they assumed something terr!ble had happened to him.

Tristian Murrin was the first to find the grizzly scene when he made his way into the home. The whole family went into pan!c mode when they saw the blo0d, and they frantically started looking for Oden. Just when they were approaching their wit’s end, Oden appeared out of nowhere and gingerly walked up to greet them as if nothing had happened.

The family was overcome with relief at first that their dog was not harmed, but this feeling was quickly replaced with confusion, as they had no idea where the blo0d had come from.

In the weeks leading up to this inc!dent, the Murrins’ neighborhood had been experiencing lots of robberies. It turns out that the thieves had targeted the Murrin family’s home that day thinking that it would be an easy target. They had no idea that Oden was inside waiting for them…

The amount of blo0d on the walls let the Murrins know that Oden had done some serious damage to the intruders as he defended his home! They were stunned by his action, as Oden is usually a very friendly dog, but he clearly is ready to defend his family’s home when he has to.

“He plays with the kids, the cul-de-sac knows him,” said Tristian. “The community loves him – the kids come up to him and want to touch him and play with him.”

“When I walked in with my mother and there were blo0d spots on the ground, we looked upstairs and you see trails of blo0d coming from upstairs all the way down,” he continued.

Police are still investigating this case trying to find the perpetrators. Whoever they are, they are undoubtedly seriously !njured given the amount of blo0d they lost at Oden’s paws!

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