Little Girl Who Disappeared 12 Years Ago Is Found In Very Strange Place – ‘She’s In Pretty Bad Shape…’

Little Girl Who Disappeared 12 Years Ago Is Found In Very Strange Place – ‘She’s In Pretty Bad Shape…’

Sabrina Allen was just a few weeks away from her fifth birthday when she vanished in April of 2002. At the time, she had gone with her non-custodial mother on a scheduled weekend visit that was supposed to end with her being returned to her father Greg Allen’s care. Instead, the mother vanished with her daughter without a trace.

Twelve years later, Sabrina’s story had a happy ending when she was finally found safe!

Greg spent over a decade tirelessly looking for his little girl. He went so far as to hire a private investigator and create a website dedicated to finding her, as well as offer a $20,000 reward. John Walsh of America’s Most Wanted was touched by Sabrina’s story when he heard about it soon after she disappeared.

“We have a chance of getting her back. It’s by pictures… that’s how we get missing children back, by exposure like this,” Walsh said.

Greg’s efforts finally paid off in October of 2014, when Sabrina and her mother were found living in seclusion in Mexico. The mother had underwent extensive plastic surgeries so that she would not look like herself, and Sabrina looked very different as well. Not only did she have brown hair instead of her natural blonde, she also had a new name: Fair.

Greg explained that his now 17 year-old daughter was “not living a regular life,” and that she wasn’t even in school.

“She’s in pretty bad shape,” he said. “Sabrina has been under an intense campaign to hate me for 12 years. She’s currently under the care of a ther*pist that specializes in cases like this.”

Greg went on to say that Sabrina’s mother had lied to her by claiming that her father and grandparents had passed away.

“She was effectively a pris0ner in a two-bedroom apartment,” he said. “She has been told that I didn’t want her and that I committed su!cide. She was also told that both of my parents are de*d.”

“I want to know her,” he continued. “She’s a completely different person, but they say personalities are formed by age five. [I’m] hoping she has some memories still.”

In 2016, Dara Llorens, Sabrina’s mother, pleaded gu!lty to felony charges that she k!dnapped her daughter and took her to Mexico. Shockingly, she was sentenced to just six years in pris0n after she claimed that “she fled with Sabrina because she believed the child was being abu&ed physically or s*xually. During the sentencing hearing, prosecutors said the abu&e claims were false.”

Social media users expressed outr*ge over her light sentence.

“Two to six years are not nearly enough for k!dnapping a child, taking her to Mexico, telling her that her father didn’t want her, not allowing her to attend school, and keeping her pris0ner in a two-bedroom apartment. It is a travesty of justice,” one user wrote.

We can only hope that wherever Sabrina is now, she is healthy and happy!

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